Public Policy Innovations

Singapore is widely acknowledged as having been the progenitor of many innovations in public policy. Since day one of independence in 1965, the Singapore Government has adopted unique, innovative and often courageous approaches to solving and managing the country’s challenges in the areas of housing, healthcare, water, fiscal sustainability, defence and so on. Indeed, one of the attractions of the School for our students from around the world is the opportunity to study, first-hand from experts, policy innovations that are now the foundation of Singapore’s success.

While there is a great deal of international and domestic interest in Singapore’s policy innovations, there is no one-stop, open-access repository of papers that provides the interested public with the context, the implicit thinking, and the underlying principles behind many of Singapore’s policy innovations. It is with this in mind that we are launching the “Handbook of Public Policy Innovations” on our Global-Is-Asian website. We hope that it will serve as a platform for the LKY School to share Singapore’s innovative policies through succinct, accessible articles that are relevant to both practitioners and students of public policy.

The handbook will be an ever expanding one; it will comprise short essays by experts on various aspects of Singapore’s policy enterprise, distilling for the reader the unique and innovative features of each policy domain, as well as the considerations and challenges in each of them.

So whether you found us by choice or by chance, we hope that you find the time spent browsing and reading the articles on Singapore’s public policy innovations fruitful and insightful.