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What is the India Stack?

Many of us take identity documents for granted. It is easy for us to prove who we are and where we live. In many developing countries individuals do not have …

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Future scenarios for Singapore

What will Singapore’s socio-economic landscape be like in 2026? How will the three issues of longevity, innovation and skills affect that future? In August and September 2016, the Lee Kuan …

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Cybersecurity for governments

Government information and communications technology (ICT) projects like Smart Cities, Open Data, and E-Government are gaining traction in government ministries and city halls around the world. These innovations are exciting, …

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The Future of Government

Turbulence and unpredictability define our era – and governments around the world are navigating stormy seas of diverse challenges, especially in a VUCA-world that is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity …

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A message to 21st century public managers

Imagine being a public manager today. Unpredictable and ambiguous events such as Brexit, Donald Trump’s election, the assertive rise of non-Western powers, and rapid, volatile economic and technological changes affect …

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