Cyber security needs a nuanced approach

With the recent spate of cyber attacks, cyber security has suddenly become the cause celebre of the world. Ransomware attacks such as WannaCry, which temporarily affected Britain’s National Health Service, …

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India’s wells are running dry, fast

In India’s water wars, rivers are a resource to be harnessed and extracted for each riparian party’s maximum benefit. Very little emphasis has been placed on conserving and protecting existing water sources.

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Healthcare: Singapore’s success story

Ranking second in the Bloomberg Health-Care Efficiency Index 2016, Singapore is increasingly acknowledged by analysts and commentators around the world for achieving excellent healthcare outcomes at modest costs.

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US and China can escape the Thucydides Trap

The risk of conflict as a rising China challenges the US is over-stated. The two countries are interdependent and the world is becoming more integrated. It is in neither country's interest to have a major confrontation with the other.

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