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US and China can escape the Thucydides Trap

The risk of conflict as a rising China challenges the US is over-stated. The two countries are interdependent and the world is becoming more integrated. It is in neither country's interest to have a major confrontation with the other.

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Best of three scenarios for world trade

International trade is in trouble after the global financial crisis and, with the new Trump administration, the world faces a protectionist onslaught. As a result, there are three ways that international trade can go from here — one considerably ‘more likely’ than the other two.

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ASEAN Celebrating Half-a-Century What Next?

In the conclusion of The ASEAN Miracle: A Catalyst for Peace (NUS Press, 2017), authors Kishore Mahbubani & Jeffery Sng state: "If such an imperfect corner of the world can deliver both peace and prosperity to its 625 million citizens, the rest of the world can surely replicate ASEAN's imperfect record."

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