How Strongmen Co-opted Democracy

The global spread of democracy, a Western gift to the world, was meant to result in the election of liberal, pro-Western leaders. Instead, a wave of strongmen rulers has been …

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Fed tightens, China responds

When China experienced an export boom and a large influx of foreign direct investment a decade ago, the People’s Bank of China intervened in the foreign exchange market to ease …

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A new model for democracy: Expansion and liberalisation of Chinese leadership

China’s journey ahead may be a bumpy one, as it struggles to expand its bottom line, strengthen its political relationships and tighten its noose around corruption. However, some critics argue that China’s way of liberalising its leadership and introducing more democratic governance could cement its lead in shaping the world’s political and economic order.

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Improving Governance In China


The sixth plenary session of the 18th Congress of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China is now underway in Beijing. This plenary session is important since it …

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